At Unique Carpet Cleaning, we have been in the business for a while and have a lot of successful projects under our belt. That has helped us look at what’s most popular in these cleaning services. Of course, we also have a superior technique and approach to cleaning, which helps create those good results and satisfied clients that we want!


Here are some situations where people call us with real needs for a professional team to come in and remediate what their property looks like and what shape its flooring is in.


Property and Pets


One of the most common situations we encounter as a professional firm is where pet damage has made carpets or rugs unsanitary or unacceptable in terms of their condition.


Nobody wants their house to be called the “cat pee” house. By the same token, nobody wants their vehicle to seem like a temporary kennel.


But what happens over time is that pet problems can damage flooring and the underlying systems of the property. That can cause a lot of negative impact on the property’s value and have quite a negative impact on the quality of living. Just ask some of our former clients who restored the cleanliness and livability of their homes with our help!




Anytime you’re digging into the guts of a building, you’re disturbing various building materials that can make quite a mess. One of those is drywall or gypsum, where some of our clients have had problems with powdering and unsightly flaking that make a property very messy at the end of the day. You can see some of these stories in our testimonials and how we helped to restore interiors.


High-Traffic Areas


We’ve all seen someone on TV yelling at their family or household members not to track dirt into a home. But even if you can’t see the dirt being tracked in, it builds up over time, and high-traffic areas are some of the hardest to work with when it comes to rug and carpet flooring. The dirt just gets ingrained in ways that seem overwhelming to the inhabitants.


We have the technique, resources, and materials to effectively clean your rugs and carpets, whether that means off-site cleaning for rugs or on-site cleaning for attached carpeting floors.




It’s so often the case that people don’t recognize their filth. Then when someone new moves in, they’re horrified by the state of rugs, carpet, or anything else in the home.


In this case, it’s very much a case of perception and standards. But in any case, we can help to restore rugs and carpets to what our clients need them to look like!


Talk to Unique Carpet Cleaning in Plano, TX, about what your property needs.