Today, let’s tell you a tale of three households and how they cleaned their carpets. This contrasts different approaches that can work differently for homeowners and others who want to keep their living spaces in clean and livable condition. How about hiring a professional firm to help you to get more out of your carpet? Anyway, here we go.

Cleaning at Home: Jimmy and the Spills

 In the first case, we have Jimmy Barber, a resident with a house of about 1100 square feet.

 Jimmy’s wife spilled wine on the carpet, and Jimmy himself had tracked in some dirt and gotten it all around the easy chair.

 In both cases, Jimmy simply poured a combination of vinegar and baking soda onto the carpet to spot-clean it.

What’s wrong with that? Nothing, really. Those are pretty good spot cleaners for individual spills. But then, over time, Jimmy kept using these elements instead of doing a comprehensive cleaning of the carpet, and dirt and grime continued to build up to unsavory levels. 

Neither he nor his wife was happy with the result. And that’s worth considering as a type of cautionary tale for a homeowner.

The Pros: Michelle and the Very Clean Carpet

 Then let’s take Michelle, who wanted to keep her living space and rec room spick-and-span.

 So every single time one of the kids knocked something over or the dog had an accident, she ordered an entire carpet cleaning. That’s a lot of people going in and out of the property. She also burned through five or six companies before getting frustrated, tearing up all the carpets and putting in hardwood floors.

The Third Way

 Here’s another story about how to keep your carpets nice and clean.

 Let’s call this person Sammy, just for kicks.

 Sammy uses the baking soda and vinegar mixture for small one-time spills: a wine glass coming off an end table, a bit of chocolate smeared in the corner.

 But then, for the big annual cleans, Sammy hires us. And we come out and get everything deep cleaned and looking great!

 This third way combines the power of quick and immediate DIY cleaning with professional deep cleaning in a way that helps to balance your needs!

 That’s part of what we are about at Unique Carpet Cleaning. In and around Plano, TX, we help households to enjoy a cleaner and more sanitary living environment every day, every week, every month, and every year!

So call Unique Carpet Cleaning for all your professional service needs. We value customer service – and we value your business, too. We are among the best at what we do – and when you call us, you will not want to call anyone else.