Rug Cleaning

Offsite Rug Cleaning using nontoxic cleaning agents!  Brighten Fringes!

Nontoxic Plano Rug Cleaning

Your Plano area rugs bring style and uniqueness to your home decor because of the vibrant colors, in addition to providing a soft warm surface to hard floors!  As time progresses, rug colors have the tendency to appear dingy because of foot traffic and also pet accidents.  Overtime, signs of contamination become increasingly evident requiring a professional cleaning.  We have a solution for your rug cleaning cleaning needs!  We understand that your area rugs are delicate, expensive and also have a tremendous sentimental value.  They take a lot of punishment despite your spot cleaning efforts to maintain them. 

Offsite rug cleaning restores the colors of your favorite rug!  We bring life back to your area rugs using cleaning agents that are nontoxic and also pet/kid safe!  Offsite cleaning restores the colors of your area rugs, in addition, to removing pet odors!  Specialties include cleaning both synthetic also natural fiber rugs.  Examples of synthetic rugs are polypropylene, olefin and nylon, however, wool also silk are the most common natural fiber rugs found in homes today.

Don’t trust just allow anyone to clean your valuable oriental rugs in your home using inappropriate steam cleaning!  This could lead to poor results including dye bleed also rug shrinkage.  We carefully clean your rug with extreme caution and care using an immersion rug cleaning process.  We have over 10 years expertise in removing pet odors also brightening rug fringes.  Even more, we promise to protect your area rug from damage during pickup also delivery to your home!

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A brief description of our 10 Step Process!

  1. Inspect your rug for fiber type and level of visible soil.  The goal is to determine the most effective cleaning agents for optimal results.
  2. Next, your rug will then be transported to our offsite rug cleaning studio where we will test your rug for dye stability using multiple cleaning agents.
  3. Vacuum both sides of rug until all insoluble soil is visible removed.
  4. Next, your rug will then be immersed within multiple gallons of water mixed with a cleaning agent.
  5. Gentle agitation is performed to loosen deeply embedded soils and pet contaminants.
  6. All soil and pet contaminates are then thoroughly flushed and steps 4 and 5 are repeated.
  7. A specialized rinse is then applied to ensure cleaning agent is removed.  Additionally, the rinse softens rug fibers.
  8. Drying of your rug is then expedited using specialized drying equipment within a temperature controlled environment.
  9. Scotchgard Rug Protector is then applied to assist with protecting your rug fibers. (additional $20 charge applies)
  10. In conclusion, we will contact you to schedule delivery of your fresh and clean area rug!


Our services are offered in: Farmers Branch, Coppell, Richardson, Carrollton, Flower Mound and The Colony.
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Current Specials


  • 3 areas & FREE Hall start $119. ($30 Savings)
  • 4 areas & FREE Hall start $149. ($50 Savings)
  • 6 areas & FREE Hall start $199. ($50 Savings)
  • Carpet Stretching start $149 per area. ($50 Savings)


  • Sectional (2 Piece) start $149. ($50 Savings)
  • Sofa with Scotchgard Protector start $149. ($50 Savings)
  • Sofa & Loveseat start $149.  ($50 Savings)
  • Scotchgard start $20 + Cost of Cleaning

(Kitchen, Master Bathroom, Hall, Guest Bath are each considered separate areas.)

  • Kitchen start $149.
  • Kitchen & Master Bath start $179.
  • Kitchen, Master & Guest Bath start $229.
  • Protective Sealer start $30 per area + Cost of Cleaning.


  • Offsite Rug Cleaning (8×10) start $149.
  • Scotchgard Rug Protector $30 + Cost of Cleaning.