Upholstery Cleaning

Our nontoxic upholstery cleaning service is safe for kids & pets!

Professional Plano Upholstery Cleaning

Are you searching for a trustworthy Plano upholstery cleaning provider to remove spots also odors from your sofa, sectional or loveseat?  Finally, you have located a premier and also local cleaning provider!  We know you have a choice when it comes to selecting an upholstery cleaner.  No worries!  We promise to treat your home, family and also your pets with the care and courtesy you deserve!

Our specialty is bringing upholstery back to life via steam cleaning.  Everyone has their favorite sofa or chair that they love to relax on after a long hard day at the office!  Likewise, family pets have the tendency to lounge on upholstery waiting for your return home.  Therefore, leaving hair and pet odor within your sofa.  These areas are complicated to clean also spot cleaning does not provide the results you desire.

No worries!  Give us a call to restore and also clean your upholstery!  We understand that you want to ensure cleaning is thorough and safe, as a result we only use nontoxic cleaning agents!  This ensures cleaning is safe for you, your family and also pets.  Our steam upholstery cleaning process removes stubborn spots, soils and odors.  In addition, we also can remove ink and also allergens leaving your upholstery looking new!  Most importantly, your sofa and also loveseat will dry within hours!  You have found an upholstery cleaning provider you can trust!

We specialize in steam cleaning also Scotchgard the following upholstery!

  • Sofa / Couch
  • Loveseat
  • Chaise
  • Dining Room Chairs
  • Sectionals (L-Shape & U-Shape)
  • Arm / Wing Back Chairs

Scotchgard Fabric Protector

We have the expertise to clean soiled furniture, in addition to applying protector.   Scotchgard is designed to assist with preventing spills from becoming a stain.  It provides an invisible protective layer surrounding your upholstery’s fabric allowing you the opportunity to treat food also beverage spills!  Remember its essential to treat such spills before they dry and possibly become a stain.  Additionally, Scotchgard also helps resist soil from bonding to your sectional allowing improved performance when vacuuming.  We recommend protector immediately following steam cleaning!  Be sure to ask us for more details when we arrive at your home!

Ask about carpet, tile and offsite rug cleaning services!

Our 10-Step Upholstery Cleaning Process!

  1. First of all, we inspect your upholstery for fiber type.  Our goal is to determine the proper cleaning agents for optimal results.
  2. Next, vacuum for dry soil and dust removal.
  3. After that, we treat traffic areas using our nontoxic cleaning agents.  Dwell time depends on level of visible soil.
  4. Meanwhile, we perform a light agitation to loosen oily spots and lift matted fibers, if needed.
  5. Soil is then removed using hot water steam cleaning.
  6. During steam cleaning a special rinse is applied to soften fibers.  Rinse also removes soil attracting residues.
  7. A light deodorizer is also applied during the rinse application to provide a fresh scent.
  8. After that, if upholstery is microfiber, next we will groom the fibers to expedite drying.
  9. Last but not least, Scotchgard Protector is applied, if desired. (additional $10 per piece)
  10. In conclusion, we will perform an Inspection with you to ensure cleaning exceeds your expectations.

Learn more about questions to ask before hiring a cleaning provider!


Current Specials


  • 3 areas & FREE Hall start $119. ($30 Savings)
  • 4 areas & FREE Hall start $149. ($50 Savings)
  • 6 areas & FREE Hall start $199. ($50 Savings)
  • Carpet Stretching start $149 per area. ($50 Savings)


  • Sectional (2 Piece) start $149. ($50 Savings)
  • Sofa with Scotchgard Protector start $149. ($50 Savings)
  • Sofa & Loveseat start $149.  ($50 Savings)
  • Scotchgard start $20 + Cost of Cleaning

(Kitchen, Master Bathroom, Hall, Guest Bath are each considered separate areas.)

  • Kitchen start $149.
  • Kitchen & Master Bath start $179.
  • Kitchen, Master & Guest Bath start $229.
  • Protective Sealer start $30 per area + Cost of Cleaning.


  • Offsite Rug Cleaning (8×10) start $149.
  • Scotchgard Rug Protector $30 + Cost of Cleaning.