What’s so great about our carpet cleaning service in Plano, TX? We thought you’d never ask…!


Seriously, though, here are some actual attributes that we’ve got directly from a customer review. We didn’t use these things to describe ourselves. We found them in customers’ descriptions of how we provide excellence in customer service for people who need their home cleaned and sanitized, for their peace of mind, and quality of life. 


On Time


Yes, those are words customers have used to describe us, and we understand the value of punctuality.


In a way, it’s kind of like an active symbol of good response. As a business philosophy, that is. We’re trying to optimize our customers’ convenience and their trust in our service, so why wouldn’t we show up on time? But although it seems like a given, some companies just continually drag their heels when it comes to visiting a home to clean. We don’t get it, but it’s just a reality. 




A big part of providing any service to people is meeting them where they are. Yes, you have a specific technical thing that you want done, but for most people – their home is their castle – and interactions that go on there are very important to them. They need a calm and polite approach. It’s not rocket science, and it’s not extremely difficult, but it’s pretty important, we would say. Our techs can talk knowledgeably about the thought authority that comes from a professional approach. People, they say, respond to it well. On the other hand, when teams show up representing a sort of uninformed chaos, the company doesn’t look great. 




This goes along with the last one, really. But again, it comes back to the business philosophy and how you work.


Would you rather work with a company that sends out gruff, surly technicians who mumble one-syllable words? Or would you rather work with a company that takes an interest in you and your household, your kids and your pets, and really interacts in a nice way? Yes, we thought so. 




Speaking of kids and pets, we take care to provide good information on our services to help people make the best decisions. You want optimal safety for your family – we get that. So again, you benefit from going with a company that takes an active interest.




This one isn’t from a customer review: it’s something that we help people to understand about our cleaning services. Some places use caustic chemicals and unsafe cleaning ingredients. Not us. We have a commitment to your health, and your family’s health, and again, we feel like that should be part of any service company’s business plan. 


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